Your Package Design is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity. You want to make sure your messaging is clear, the design is relatable to your overall brand, and the package easy to use/open. When deciding between printed packaging or labels, there are a few things to consider that may help you save time Рand money. We have three reasons why we recommend a printed plastic package over labels. 


  1. Increases efficiency – cuts down on packaging time and costs. Printed packaging can significantly help efficiency on the production line by cutting down on packaging time and costs. Printing all of the messaging/product information directly on the bag, drastically reduces production crew hours.

  3. Cleaner, professional  appearance РSticking on individual labels can be extremely time consuming, and does not yield a clean, finished look. This can result in packages not looking the same, or the label accidentally being stuck on crooked. Printed packaging produces a much cleaner, uniform appearance, which will help your bottom line.

  5. Modular design that covers multiple product lines – Another way to reduce costs is to make simple changes in the artwork. In doing so, you can decrease set up costs during the printing process. For example, if only the name of a product needs to be changed, everything else can stay the same while the minor adjustment is made. The result is that the product line can be differentiated, while the overall brand still looks similar. This printing process can be done simply and quickly, while expediting production time.


Carroll Products has been a leader in the packaging design industry and offer many different options to packaging your products in plastic. From gusseted bags to poly-bags, films to rollstock. They have the solution to your packaging needs. Visit our site to learn more about the process, and capabilities available to your company.